Tuesday, March 22, 2011

tu-tu on the tu-tu

ridiculous and absurdly titled i know...but i had to do it. my precious amber turns 22{tu-tu} on this march 22 {tu-tu}at 5:36ish this evening.  what makes the title so ridiculous is she was a tomboy-would NEVER be caught in a tu-tu when she was a child. but somehow God molded her into a sweet and feminine girlie-girl once she became an adult. {please note: i do realize she is in a pink dress celebrating her first birthday...i had control over the wardrobe as this point}


things she has taught me over the part 22 years:

1. laugh and be ridiculous even when others are watching. who cares what they think.

2. press on even when naysayers shout can't or shouldn't. if God gave you the desire and you have prayed on it...press on and He will reward you.

3. prayer works miracles...Jeremiah, her precious brown eyed brother was a seed first planted in her heart and we are so blessed to be his family.

4. dry shampoo is a miracle hair product...especially on those days laden with time constraints.

5. having confidence is key. having grace is essential.

6. great strength can be contained in a body of small feminine stature...prove those boys wrong!

7. family traditions are worth building. they leave a legacy.

{you are special birthday plate-poppers at Christmas-ny new years-gingerbread houses-halloween parties-
burning the last candle on the birthday cake for a year of health}

8. it is best to have a running buddy to share the road and races with...it just makes the finish line all the sweeter.

9. writing in public isn't as scary as i thought it would be.

and last but definitely not least...

10. i can be a mama and do it well. twenty-two years ago, i promised her sweet baby eyes i would do the best job i could do. there are days i have fallen so short of the "best" mark, yet i wanted to keep her sweet, innocent, pure because that was not the path i had been taught or shown to walk. i could not be more full of pride or joy in the woman she has become.

thanks amber for teaching me so much but most importantly that i could be a mama...
happy birthday my chica-boom!


  1. This brought a tear to my eye. I look up to you and Amber's relationship and can only dream that Aubrey and I will be as close. YOu are both an inspiration. Thank you for being who you are!

  2. Oh my you are the BEST Mama Bird ever! There are so many lessons I would never have even kind of understood without you there to process them and point them out for me!

    You make life so wonderful and I'm so blessed to call you my Mama Bird... I can't imagine doing anything without you here... And what a lucky girl I am1 I'm putting up my birthday post today with all the amazing pics, but you have some recipes you need to share with your friends!

    P.S. We are so good looking except for the way my hand holding the cupcake looks like it has three major fingers on it instead of five normal looking ones...

  3. thanks ams...and there is so much for us to sharew and learn!

    thanks for the love tiffany!

  4. Such a special mom and daughter bond! x

  5. thanks mrs. rosie posie! i am so blessed to have such a sweet daughter and friend rolled into one!