Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Yep. Today my oldest son turns 4.75. No, we don’t celebrate quarter or even half birthdays but he is a unique soul in multitude of ways-one of them being his birthday. He was born on the day after Feb. 28, 1992 that happen to be Feb. 29 but “leap year day” only happens ever fours so he is technically had only 4 birthdays. Next year as he hits 20, he will celebrate his fifth "real" birthday.

Today is dedicated to him. He is at college in San Luis Obispo-our first year not celebrating the day together and I am sad and blessed all at once. Woeful because I love celebrating anything…especially with those so near and dear to my heart. Fortunate because I still long to make cakes, wrap gifts and serve dinner to my children on the midnight blue “you are special-today is your day!” plate even though two of them are legal adults.

Happy Birthday Scoot. You make a mama bird so proud! Love and miss you buckets!


  1. I feel as though I am obligated to point out what a fantastic hair don't you have in the photo of you and baby Bubba.

    Such an amazing weekend celebrating Bubba's big day... And we get to repeat in just three short weeks!

  2. and that hair don't goes so well the very long pink acrylic nails i was also maintaining! and i wish you could see how high waisted my jeans were!