Saturday, March 5, 2011

recycle run…it’s a sad thing

so as you know I am a BIG lover of running. and I am a BIG lover of spending time with with my family. and Jeremiah is a BIG lover of cash and has found recycling as a way to earn extra money. so this morning I decided to combine the love of three and drag peter and Jeremiah{on his bike}on my run along with two grocery bags and collect the recycling we found on the side of the road.

we gathered two very full bags of bottles, plastics and cans.

when we arrived back home with our bounty, we dumped it all on the garage floor and sorted them…21 plastic bottles, 8 aluminum cans and 11 glass bottles. 21+8+11=40 life is a math lesson when you have an eight year old.

but here is were the {sad} comes in, we decided to sort them another way. alcoholic versus non-alcoholic beverages. the statistics on that are as follows…21 non-alcohol versus and 19 alcohol containers. 21+19=40 water and bud-light were the number one and two beverages of choice.

people are drinking while they are driving…not just drinking and then driving but doing the two activities simultaneously. yes, I drink-that is not at all what I am condoning. what is unthinkable is I am running daily on the very same roads where people are driving and consuming alcohol. my sweet eight year old boy was pedaling his bike on the path where drinking drivers are traveling. iIt is eased my mind that it was 8:00 am and those that drink would not be doing so at this hour of the morning…but I also mistakenly believed people don’t operate their vehicles with a bud-light in hand either. this is sad…and frightening.

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