Friday, November 1, 2013

thanks{giving} #1

So out there in the blogging world, there are all kinds of "projects".  Kind of like the explorer report sweet brown eyes has due a week from today which is on our weekend "to do" list {and I resent that...hate weekend homework}.  A framework is provided and you {me, the blogger} can chose some prompts & write about them.  For the high achiever {something i have never been accused of}, you can chose to write about every single prompt.  I don't think I have that many words in my petite brain to say something even semi profound or thought provoking everyday.  Not even to myself.

It's November.  Thanksgiving month.  And the blogging community is overflowing with "thanks giving" projects.  It is easy for me to focus on pjm & his disease & our loss.  But that is so gloomy and heavy especially when the eyes of my heart constantly hugs all the yuck.  A few years ago one of my lovies gave me a book called 1000 Gifts {you can check it out here-Ann is an artist with her words}.  After reading the book, I was inspired to count my gifts...daily.  I have this spiral bound notebook & I record three beautiful nuggets I encounter each day.  Holding myself responsible for gift finding forces my heavy heart to seek beauty-love-grace instead of broken-demented-anger.  I just write the date and three quick things I am thankful for.  Yesterday read:  10/31/13.  1. Hot shower after a cold morning run.  2. The smell of bed pillows that soaked up the fresh fall air. 3.  Screaming at the top of my lungs in a haunted house {just to scare the haunters themselves}.

I am also a big notewriter.  Handwritten notes to those who sprinkled some grace & goodness in my day.  I love to pen notes of thanks, alert mailman Bob with that wee red flag while he whisks them off to the post office. Through some government magic my little pocket of thanks ends up in a lovie's mailbox.  This is truly a $.46 miracle to me.

Today I wanted to tell you all thanks.  But I don't know your addresses or even some of your names.  But to my sweet little group of readers, I am grateful.
 dear readers.
thanks for stopping by to read about life & how it breaks sometimes.
your broken probably doesn't look like mine but i have learned everyone has their own piece of pain.
my hope is my words can encourage-inspire you to take that fracture in your life,
and somehow allow it to grow you.  and growing hurts and is awkward and somedays brutally painful.
i am grateful you return even if there are typos and my words are cumbersome.
i am thank filled for each of you.
mama bird

p.s.  what are you thank filled for this november 1st?


  1. IT'S SO CUTE I COULD DIE. This post, that is. And so perfectly, perfectly you. Which is my favorite thing about your writing.

    1. thanks Ams. And 99% of what I have learned about writing and blogging is thanks to you.

  2. Loving the new design!!
    xo Laura Beth

    1. LOVE-right? that Yammering Yankee knows her stuff. and if you want to know the very reminds me of my bedroom! and she didn't even know that.