Monday, November 4, 2013

thanks{giving} #2

i went "out" on saturday evening.  i was nervous and at a lost for that perfect outfit.  my hair styled well but my highlights need some love and that's not happening till tuesday.  which perfume should i chose-something soft, not to overwhelming, but like background music, you can sense it & are soothed by it but aren't even sure what "it" is.  sweater or jacket?  the evening crispness begs for a layer of comfort, yet i struggled between function and fashion.

we meet for a casual dinner & wine.  another friend joins.  the conversation is easy, until the music starts, then voices cannot travel thru the thickness of the band.  we move on to another to a bar where the room is full & noisy. not a chair inside so we wander outside with another glass of wine.  sloppy drinkers.  cigar smokers. vape inhalers {what are these devices anyway?}.  we find a spot and sit ourselves next to a young, kindle reading woman.  she acknowledges us wondering why we are out, especially in this bar in this town. we giggle and ask her the same.

that's about the sum of my GNO {girls night out}.  it's only the second time i have ventured out to socialize without at least one of my children since "that" day in january.  

dear friend.
thanks for the invite.
it was daring for me to say yes.
crazy to think that felt like a dare, but it did.
the only disappointment was the lack of cornhole.
i had been practicing my bean bag tossing skills since we marked our calendars.
girl date.
p.s.  i may have painted a prettier picture of "her" than we actually experienced

dear flannel pjs.
thanks for welcoming me home.
i love the big hug you greeted me with.
you are my kind of nightcap to an evening out and about.
love you-
wearer of flannel.

dear pjm.
my night out reminds me how thankful i am for our marriage.
the love-memories-adventure we made is something dementia cannot steal from me.
i have those 26 years locked tight in my heart.
and i have our children, all of them reflecting back pieces of you.
you know, it's monday.  our date day. i'll be the one with the "buckies".
love you & see you in a bit.

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  1. Meant to tell you the girls thought they saw you leaving the place they stopped in but could not get your attention! Your recap of the evening is colorful and reminds me why I don't go out much! Flannel pjs are just fine with me any night (or day) of the week. I would be happy to go on a date with you any time and we both could wear pajamas. Glad Peter was good at dating you all those years!