Monday, February 27, 2012

10 day challenge!

so amber is always coming up with these wild ideas {like in january we decided to go shop free for 30 days-not like no grocery shopping but no personal shopping-the credit card company called to make sure i was alive and well mid-january}.

so last friday was one of those days..."real eating" for 10 days.

what does that mean?  well, i am not an expert and i am sure there are flaws in my plan, but essentially we have pledged to eat only "real" foods for the next 10 days.  that means no chips-candy-bread-pasta-cereal.  you know, all those things that the grocery store offers that are already premade.  so day one and i have survived.  i did eat eggs with fresh spinach and an apple for lunch.  peter looked at me like i was an alien.  with all the green on my plate, maybe i was eating an alien.

tonight we had whole wheat naan {it is like a flat bread} which was the hearty side to go along with bean and wild rice soup simmered to perfection my cheery sunshine yellow dutch oven {remember...monday is also meatless}.  the soup was saute onions, garlic, carrots and celery.  add two cans of {organic} garbanzo beans and two diced tomatoes.  add 6 cups of {organic} chicken broth.  season with salt & pepper.  i added dried basil.  simmer for 30 minutes.

cook one cup of wild rice in a separate pot until tender {this takes about 40 minutes}.

remove three scoops of the veggies from the soup{or more based on the chunkiness you prefer to your soup}, emulsify the remainder-the beans make the broth so thick...almost makes it seem like a creme soup.

add back the scoops of veggies as well as the cooked rice...heat!

i am sure it would be delish with parmesan cheese on top-but not for the next ten days!

amber made creme of cauliflower soup...we are having a soup swap for lunch tomorrow!


  1. I'd be a gonner for sure! Eating chips as I type this my friend but very impressed by you two goal driven, beautiful babes!

    Happy Birthday to "Old Man Scooter" tomorrow!! Big 5 years old finally :)

    1. did you know gwynne that wine is within the rules...yep, just grapes! pour me a glass of cupcake! thanks for the birthday wishes!