Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29ers, leapserts, leaplings...

the title is dumb.  i know.
i didn't make it up.  i found it on the internet {jeremiah told me once to not believe everything i hear on tv or the internet-maybe this is one of those times}.
those are official titles you endowed to someone who has a birthday on feb. 29th.

two days old...
happy 5th {or 20th} birthday scooter...aka rally dog!
the odds of being born on this particular day are 1,461 to 1.
they add the extra day every four years to keep the celestial calendar in order-something about the earth's circle around the sun.  i am no astronomer but that's my understanding.

since our "cars" celebration for your 4th birthday-so much has changed.
you have made that transition from boy-kid-teen to carrying the role of "man" upon your shoulders.
while the past four years have provided lots of challenge with dad & his health,
it forced you to learned to find an equilibrium in pursuing your education while remaining a necessary force in our home.
college is supposed to be an egocentric season with minimal responsibilities & embracing the "college" lifestyle.

i have to find the "thanks" in this giving from God.  a reason-a blessing in fact-for a disease that is so hard to fight & has taken so much from one of ours.  perhaps a slice of blessing is it has given you perspective beyond your 20 years...keeping you grounded in faith & family.

wishing for cake with you today!
i promise to NEVER call you a leapster-29er-leapling.
happy birthday scoot.
i love you.

mom...aka chris


  1. Happy Birthday Scooter!! Hope you ahve a magnificent day!!!

  2. i dig the nicknames. I love you and miss you all a ton!

  3. Oh Bubbbbbaaaa happy cinco de cumpleanos! ay yi yi!

  4. Well, I don't promise that I won't call you "leap frog' or any of your mom's names in the future! Hope your day was special Scoot. You are an incredible young man, light years ahead of so many and have such a caring heart and sweet soul. May this year be very special for you!