Tuesday, February 7, 2012

dear brown eyed boy...

dear brown eyed boy-
we were mad at each other this morning.
you upset because i was washing the jersey you placed in the dirty laundry basket.
thanks for placing clothes in the basket...
BUT if they are not dirty, why oh why were they in the laundry basket?

me frustrated because i was just doing one of my "mothering" jobs.
you dug in your emotional heels.
i dug mine deeper because I was "right".
when my heels are stuck in my rightness i cannot hear beneath your words.

you love soccer.  you are passionate about arsenal.
your man is van persie.  you wanted him to enjoy third grade with you today.
i told you to let it go...wear IT tomorrow.
i continued to defend my laundrying schedule.

the jersey-laundry debate is not worth the distance.
 i want you to share your joys & upsets.
sorry my stubborn heels were dug in so far my ears couldn't hear your heart.

do you know how much i love those sweet brown eyes that call me mama?
they are priceless-just like you.

laundry grump

p.s.  tomorrow is trash day...
did you store anything in the trash compactor you will need later?
just askin'

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