Friday, February 11, 2011

sweetest cravings…

so my dear sweet amber and i decided to be bold this year with new years resolutions. one of our goals is no candy for the year…yep, no candy. the only caveat to this resolution are mints…they are are classified as “oral hygiene” so are acceptable. however, chocolate is forbidden…my sweetest of cravings. i have never met a piece, bar, chip or shaving of chocolate that i did not fall instantly or endlessly in love with. granted i am only 42 days into this year, but i have traveled this path without wavering. i did accidentally eat a root beer barrel after leaving lunch with none other than amber. it was an honest mistake-a slip up if i might say. the bowl sat at exit of Rock Bottom beckoning me to wash away the ahi sandwich breath i had acquired over lunch. part way back to temecula, i realized i had consumed forbidden fruit…a root beer barrel.

i know it was a mere 45 calories…two minutes of indulging a sweet craving out of 525, 948 minutes in a year. totally insignificant…or was it? this barrel of root beer sweet goodness reminds of how each of us is designed by our Maker. God created us to crave Him sweetly…to worship Him thought out every 525,948 minutes of a year. i realize how easy it is to have my attention diverted from Him. i am easily distracted-lead astray. i realize if God is not what i actively and intentionally seek, it will be something else. i was designed to crave something. if i do not fill that sweet craving with the Lord, i will be feasting on the empty calories of root beer barrels all year. what fills your sweet cravings?

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  1. oh and how easy it was to think, it's just because rock bottom put them there! just like adam and eve thought, oh my this serpent looks smart so he must be! good thing God knows that He is what provides true nutrition even when we are cherishing empty, seemingly sweet calories...

    love you and your sweet free self. and thank GOODNESS we didn't get rid of brownies!