Wednesday, February 16, 2011

dear santa…

each year we help jeremiah write a letter to santa, asking for his top three gifts. he prioritizes, adds and removes items as Christmas day gets closer. i often giggle at his fickleness and think how 60 days after Chritmas , the specific gifts will be forgotten and what lingers is the memory of making gingerbread houses as a family and cuddling under a blanket watching a Christmas movie.

i realized today that i am often giving God my Christmas list…my list of the gifts i want him to bless me with. it sounds so selfish as i write it, but i have honestly believed because i am a hard working person that has cared so dearly for my family and am just a “good Christian girl” so i expect God to fill my wish list much like jeremiah’s expectations on Christmas morning. when i journal my “list” to God, it is not from a position of thanksfulness or gratitude, but one of expectation-something i have earned or deserve. i know this is shallow and child-like. i need to approach God with a heart of thankfulness for the provisions of my day…my daily bread. i must open my heart to the gifts given and give thanks…and let go of my list of expectations.

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