Sunday, February 20, 2011

a slow leak...

a slow leak has been dripping inside of me. the drip drip dripping of God's word has begun to cause erode away the worldly heart at home in my body. last week helped me to see the "God growth" that has taken place within me. my prayers for the majority of my life have been a request for God to change the uncomfortable in my life. to take away-transform that which i struggled with. when i was little i prayed God would remove the bush outside my bedroom window that reminded me of an Indian that most surely would attack me while i was sleeping. silly, i know. i still go to God with very similar requests...remove this, take away that, change another. my requests always asked Him to change my circumstances so i can live more comfortably-more peacefully. after an event last week that would have normally ruffled this mama bird's feathers i realized growth-change-faith-trust in Him. this season of our Lyme's life has often brought out that Indian fearing little girl on a daily basis. but last week, i felt "God confidence" inside...knowing even in the circumstances i found myself facing, He was there. He cares. He loves me. He can and will do immeasurable more than i can imagine...i am thankful for the slow drip of God's love into my sweet baby girl soul and am full of excitement to see the beautiful work He will continue to work in and thru me...and my family during this season of Lyme's.


  1. chris! I would love to talk Lyme with me sheenajibson at gmail

    It is very cliche' (and boy do I dislike cliche's:) but I truly believe that everything DOES happen for a reason. It has taken me 3 years with Lyme Disease to realize this.....and now that I've realized that I'm hoping I can learn my lesson and move on, Lyme free:)

  2. oh sweet sheena! i will be emailing you! thanks so much.

  3. Who knew that Lyme's would grow such a community of people to come around you and support you? God is growing your corner so rapidly just through your honesty and openness about the day to day struggles that are so much a part of healing and growing.

    You rock.