Tuesday, March 27, 2012

my dear mailbox

dear mailbox.
i feel like we are at a crossroads in our relationship.
a few years ago, i ran to you with joyful anticipation
like a child eager to spy what santa left under the christmas tree. 

but lately you seem to be full of those empty calories i despise-
vs catalogs-penny saver-amex preapproval
those things that fulfill for a brief moment and then leave me empty.
why do i dread you so mr. mailbox when we had such a long love affair?
the truth is...i love to fill sustained
you remind me that handwritten words have morphed
 into email-texts-facebook messages-tweets.
yes, you are right mr. mailbox, i do bask in the speed of technology;
but i miss the letter penned by a loved one. 
love notes-thank yous-birthday hellos sitting eagerly waiting to be retrieved from that curbside box.
you see sir, if we continue on this path of you delivering just "junk"
your purpose will be lost and we will no longer need each other.
that makes me sad.

i miss your purpose.
i miss handwritten notes from mom.
what do you miss?

your curbside lover

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