Monday, January 16, 2012

one word

so i made my list of resolutions...the dirty dozen as I am referring to them.
{and I am sticking with them...}

but Amber also challenged me to choose one word for the year.
i can never say just one word, unless of course it is the "last word"
then i covet it much like an Olympian standing on the podium proudly adorning a gold medal

but i have tossed and turned this restless idea over and over in my mind these past several days
wondering if I could chose one word
{Pat, could I buy a few extra letters?}

{something that gives evidence of divine favor}

God daily offers me divine favor.
I am a follower of God.
I must embrace the mercies He showers upon me.
I am created in His likeness.
I must pass on His tender grace & goodwill.

Dear Lord,
 Thank you for your undeserving grace. 
Let the adversity we face as a family be your mercies not yet recognized. 
Let my word {mercies}be the force behind my softhearted actions.

1 comment:

  1. oh mercy mercy me!
    i love your word.
    almost, but not quite, as much as i love you.