Wednesday, January 4, 2012

a failed attempt...wahwahwah.

So I decided with the new year, comes resolutions...

And one of those resolutions is to dust off the laptop-stop googling lymes disease and write more because i LOVE to write...even if i am my only fan!

So day four of the new year, which is really only day two, because we were forced to go to Hawaii for a week to celebrate 25 years of being married to the man of my dreams {and nightmares some days-resolution it like i see it}.

So snug in my flannel pjs and plush pink {not VS PINK...please} robe ready to let the creative juices flow from my fingertips...when my ears are confined on just one thing.."smackage".

yep-I am sure Roget's has incorporated this word but if you are not familiar let me paint a picture for you...

brown eyed boy {who is so a still photo} did not eat all of his dinner and has the audacity to ask for a Oreo shake {my speciality after interning at Baskin-Robbins during high school} to which i gave him the "stare" and said nope, then stupidly {i have had a glass of chardonnay...not a bottle, so I am unsure of where the "parental wisdom" fell thru the cracks...but it did right smack dab in the middle of my family room} and said you can help yourself to and whatever you can make-he is not versed in blender operation quite yet.
please note...the gallon size jar that those large discount warehouses sell which is "easy grip jar"...i might have sensitive hearing {my tympanic membrane has reached a fever pitch} as he smacks on pickles which is a vegetable but i have zero endearment to at the moment.  To accompany the sound was the stench {i mean a nasal hullabaloo} of pungent vinegar. 

operation BLOG...failed.

but there is 362 {it is a leap year} days to recover from this minor roadblock.

did i mention my sweet man of a quarter of a century was accompany the brown eye boy by chopping on Hawaiian macadamia nuts?

happy new year!

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