Saturday, May 14, 2011

a saturday night...

it is
the allure of sleep escapes me and i relish a restful night.  why sleep do you deny me?  what have i done to offend you?  i ran 12.6 miles hoping to wallow in sleepiness...

i am sensing...
seeing {shadows, while the bright computer screen begs me to stare into its blankness}
hearing {gentle, soft snore of a restful husband, gentle hush of sprinklers, watch tick tocking}
touching {warm laptop on lap! with keys under my fingertips, flannel pjs}
smelling {my night cream...not an overly pleasant smell...but worth the hope it will beg off wrinkles}
tasting {faint lemon in my cool glass of water accompanied by minty toothpaste}
feeling {blessed in my not so perfect world...peace in knowing i am not in in a day well done & a new tomorrow...thankful God has the path laid out for us}
learning {it isn't all up to me, just doing today...and doing it with His grace is enough}

what are you sensing this saturday night?

1 comment:

  1. this saturday night which flowed over into sunday morning there was no sleeping here either... lots of rolling in my cotton sheets, not so much dozing, lots of cold air but too warm of covers. why, oh why does this happen some nights? ...i especially don't understand it after a long run. well, cross my fingers for tonight!