Saturday, May 7, 2011

motherly sacrifices...

tomorrow is mother's day.
i miss my mom, yet know she is proud of the family i have grown.  
she is resting with our Father.
i will see her again some very far off day, but until then, memories of her are loving & dear.

there is another mom i always remember as i celebrate motherhood.
she carried our amazing brown eyed boy.
she named him jeremiah.

she tried to mommie him for a few short weeks.
she found the challenge beyond her abilities & made the ultimate sacrifice.
she gave him a new home & family...and an incredible future.
to her i am forever grateful.
thank you lanesha for letting go of this precious soul & allowing us to raise him.
happy mother's day.

1 comment:

  1. The sweetness of this post is absolutely indescribable. I am so overjoyed to get to spend Mother's day with you and our sweet boys... It will be delightful to share in the giggles and ridiculousness of a day at the zoo together. :)

    Love you and Happy Mother's day Mama Bird.