Wednesday, April 13, 2011

dear pessimism...

dear pessimism-
i am not sure who invited you to settle in our nest.  i actually suspect you came uninvited when i accidental left the door open in hopes of warming our home a few years ago with some fresh springtime air...i didn't notice you for so long, but i realized this morning you have come and settled your ugly self in almost every room in my home.  i see toothpaste splatter on the mirrors instead of  seeing evidence of brushed and flossed teeth.  i see quilts in a heap on the family room floor instead of feeling warmth in knowing my family is using my creations.  i hear a stove screaming for me to make dinner instead of hearing the hum of the oven baking up some love for my sweet birdies.  i feel the irritation of sand between my bare feet and the wood flooring instead of feeling the joy of adventure hikes finding their way in to my home to celebrate.  you come to my side of the bed and tap on the mattress, waking me in the night, stealing my restful slumber.

pessimism, i done.  i am through.  today i am calling the "pess" control company and having them come and eradicate you from my nest.  you have been here far too long,  i crave your sweet, beautiful sister; optimism, to return.

dear "pess" control man...aka God.
i have lost sight of the goodness and grace you give me.
i apologize for allowing pessimism to settle in my heart-mind-nest.
could you please help rid of this nasty, uninvited guest?
he is putting a major damper on this party called my life
i love you-
mama bird

dear mama bird...aka my daughter
of course I can help. 
I have actually been sitting waiting and wondering how long it would take for you to ask.
prayer-time in my Word-a deep breath-focusing only on today.
those four little things makes pessimism antsy and he will quickly more on.
I promise...and I am a promise keeper.
I love you more than you will ever know-
Your Father God


  1. I love this!!And really needed that today:)

  2. I will send the "pess" control man your way!

  3. You are too witty for your own good MB! And if you could just do a little stand up routine for yourself now and then, there would be no room for pessimism to invade your life! God just adores you and so do I......wonderful post.


  4. I gave you a award on my last post:)