Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 runs the gamut...

dear 2013,
you ran the gamut this past 365 days.
you showed us grace and devastation.
you handed us the grandest challenge to date as a family,
yet you surrounded us by loved ones that shouldered the heaviness of the load.
it is tempting to focus on the deepness of the loss,
yet learning to wade through the sad has taught me to bask in the simplest of joys.
it has taught me to be more alive-
setting aside the comfort of watching life happen around me & actively participating in daily adventures
laughing-crying-loving-living with wild abandon.
2013, i truly don't want another year like you,
but i am thankful for the hard lessons you have taught.

dear pjm.
i did it...almost.
mid-january marks one year of this chapter.
you continue to press me to do hard things,
but you have taught me i am strong in conviction & honor.
you have given me a voice i never knew i had.
  miss you, handsome.


  1. Dear 2014,
    We're glad you're here.
    We're ready for #teamamazing2014 and all those shenanigans.
    We're excited for the way that we will grow and change as a family and individuals.
    And there's no way that you can be anything less than 2013.
    Welcome 2014, we're glad to have you.

    1. so glad for a fresh start...and praying this year is a little less cumbersome! but we did 2013 in spite of sick & sad. and i just know God is brewing something fabulous for us this year.

  2. Thank you dear Chris for a year of inspiration. In God's Grace, you were put -here and now- to teach us all patience, loyalty, and compassion. You deserve a wonderful 2014!

    1. Oh how I pray this year is full of wonderful...not just "I wonder". Patience-loyalty-compassion...if those are the lessons I have somehow unearthed to others, that makes 2013 worth it all.