Monday, October 28, 2013


Honesty.  The best policy, right?  Momma taught me that repeatedly.  Gotta be honest Chrissy. Always. Telling the truth is easier than trying to remember a string of lies you made up.  But then I would watch & listen.  There was so much contradiction between how her lips moved and how she navigated her days. Upon closer observation,  the message imprinted deep in my heart was do not displease...especially with your words because words can cut and hurt, leaving behind a scar to remind all of those painful syllables.  Be a sweet girl, a kind girl.  Like cotton candy, sugar and artificial, spun into a beehive placed atop a flimsy paper stick.  But after the carnival treat is gone, there's just a saccharin hangover in your mouth and hollowness in your tummy.  Momma taught me being {word} honest is bulky. Cumbersome.  Heavy. Like a bean+cheese+sour cream+guacamole burrito.  Honest words leave a heaviness and the aftermath typically spawns some nasty bad-ass gas.  Momma rarely swore but she claimed all bodily functions should occur in only the most private of places.  In solitude.  For no others to hear, much less smell.  That's what ladies & sweet girls do Chrissy.  Honest words were like that burrito.  Keep'em to yourself.  When words are hot and bloaty, take them some place very alone and don't dare share them as it just ain't lady like.  Momma said above all, be a lady Chrissy, especially with your words.

I am still learning to be honest.  Truthful.  Candid.  I am schooling myself to not choose my words like I do nectarines-checking to make sure they are soft-not too firm, examining them from every angle to ensure there are no bruises before I place them gentle in a baggie and own them.  My words don't need to please momma.  I realize the "that's sweet" cotton candy words have no depth.  They don't reflect my soul which is full of wit, insight, fear, confusion. Candy words betray my heart trusting God in the midst of having no idea what the hell He is attempting to accomplish in my life.  Syrupy words don't invite others into my soul.  They keep everything surface sweet.

Some visits with pjm are painful.  Hurtful.  Betraying.  He passes me in the hall with not an ounce of recollection after sleeping by my side for 27 years.  His mind becomes bored with me, so he wanders away forgetting I am near.  He walks the halls holding another's hand & kisses her cheek.  While his actions are a reflection of a disease and not of our marriage, they feel like a betrayal in the moments. They swallow me whole like a tidal wave.  I struggle finding my way to the surface.  My lungs burn in need of oxygen, yet I cannot escape the turmoil of the strong waves.  They leave me confused about which direction to swim in order to breathe.

My {honest} words are bulky.  Hot. And leave a bloat in my belly like that burrito because i don't want to feel betrayed by him.  But honestly, some visits rock me to the very core of my soul.  And hurt. And my eyes burn with tears as I seek the quickest way out.

dear honest words.
i know you are inside begging for me to give you life.
sugar sweet isn't good for either of us.
but when i allow you to crack the candy coating,
i am afraid all that spills out will cause a messy aftermath & life is already so damn messy.
be patient with me-like a young girl on roller skates for the first time,
smoothness will only come with practice.  right?
rookie of honesty

dear disease-
i hate what you have done to him-me-us.
you have left pjm so lost in the reality of life. 
he no longer knows his love ones.
somedays i feel you are not just strangling the life out of him, 
but also out of me.
honestly.  i.  hate.  you.
dementia hater

dear God.
i hate the path You continue to ask me to walk.
somedays i doubt Your presence.  it feels like You're MIA in the middle of  "this".
i am not lithe, yet You continue to stretch me in ways that feel impossible. 
 physically. emotionally.  spiritually.
 but i do find freedom in tell You my honest words.
even when they are like nasty bad-ass gas. 
You love me regardless & always. Your Word promises me that. 
truly.  honestly.  bravely-


  1. This sucks ! No pretty words or sugary "Christian"ese to say its all in Gods plan and for you to have faith. I will just say it sucks that your sweet, tender, nurturing heart is hurting and I close my eyes and say a prayer that God will hold you tighter in His mighty grip today ! I love you and appreciate your honesty ! Kindly Thia Karen~

    1. It so does suck! And some days I just want to scream that at God & pjm. Thanks for your prayers and and he unwinds a bit more I find that a blessing. Thanks for the love and prayers! And I always look for you in Target now.

  2. Heart wrenching! I do hope this relived some of the built up "gas" you have been experiencing dear friend. Joking aside, by being so raw and sharing what you go through on a daily basis I hope and pray that you will be so blessed by being so honest. May you breathe a sign of relief of not having to be oh so careful with your words. May you feel love, comfort, understanding (as best as we can) but mostly safe to say anything you want.

    1. you know the story. you have walked this very same ugly path. but i have learned to be bold & honest like you. some don't like it and i am learning to be okay with that. love you gwy!