Friday, July 12, 2013

puttin' snarky on the shelf for a bit...

so five months from today i will be celebrating the big 5-0 {feels entirely impossible} but my drivers license, passport as well as a very yellowed & aged birth certificate all reflect a birthday of 12/12/1963.

in honor of that aging milestone, i have decided to attempt a handful of tasks for the next five months before celebrating the BIG 50.  today marks the beginning of month one and here is what the next 30 days holds for me.  i am placing "snarky" on the shelf.  yep, in this teeny blog world of mine some of you may not know i have this sarcastic, cutting edge to me but i do.  those snarky comments roll off my tongue much like a pad of butter runs off a freshly grilled cob of corn.

my mom taught me by word, but more importantly by example, that old adage "if you cannot say something nice, don't say anything at all".  once i fled the nest and more importantly her listening ear, i learned & refined my skill of making insightful comments that drip with a coating of bitchy.  kind of like a beer-battered onion ring...that outside crusty jacket that has been bathed in oil sapping every ounce of nutritional value the slender ringlet of onion once contained.  my snarky words, while speaking a petite slice of truth, dip in a greasy batter of 100% bitch.

dear God.
i know those battered bites of bitch i so comfortable serve are my very core.
why, God, do they flow so naturally from my mind & lips?
You say in the book of James that anyone who considers herself godly, yet doesn't keep a tight rein on her tongue not only deceives herself but You.
help me bite my tongue-for just 30 days-and allow Your love, grace, goodness to flow from my mouth.
sorry i have deceived you.
how have i accumulated half a century of years, and yet still have so much maturing to do?
almost 50 year old kindergartner

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  1. Does this mean we will not be able to speak to each other for the entire month?? You my friend are not the only one who commits the evil use of the tongue now and then! Good reminder for all of us to watch our words more and perhaps not choose the good, old onion rings.
    50 is going to be great!!!