Tuesday, February 26, 2013

honing those waitress skills...

dear God.
thanks for urging me out of bed so we could meet over coffee this morning.  also i appreciate your patience with me.  i know it has taken a while to understand Your ways {and believe me, i still don't totally grasp them!}.  but this morning i figured out that whole "waiting" thing you have been attempting to teach me.

you see God, i was sitting at that table across the room from you this entire season.  my back to You & my head down, hoping to avoid eye contact so strangers didn't see the tears-so friends wouldn't ask what was wrong.  i have been waiting on you to come & serve me at my table.  to meet me in all of my sad.  to rescue me.  to end the brokenness   i have been sitting hunched over the table of my life...just waiting-expecting you to serve the answers to me on a pink floral china plate.  waiting to peek between those two slices of bread & see your answer tucked inside ready for me to consume.  but this morning, over my homemade latte, You revealed a nugget of wisdom.

i have been waiting-not waiting.  i have been "pause" kind of waiting, not "serve" kind of waiting.  You have been gently prodding me to hone my waitress skills-my God serving skills.  instead i have been sitting, with life on pause, wondering if you forgot i was seated in one of Your booths in the restaurant of life.  i have had it all backwards.  You want me to serve You during this season of sick.  Serving You while i "pause" will feed my soul-strengthen my spirit-renew my hope-shine Your light for others to see.

i apologize for leaving You sitting for so long in the restaurant of my life.  i appreciate that You didn't give up & leave, thinking i was never going to acknowledge You.  dear God, i was wondering how i could serve You today.  could You please show me?

thanks for meeting me on my coffee break this morning, but the break is over and i must get moving...serving You as i "wait" for the rest of Your plan to unfold.

and please, no tip...it is an honor to serve You.

mama bird.


  1. Dear Friend,
    You may not have realized that you have certainly been serving our precious Father by so graciously and lovingly taking care of your husband, along with your family and soooooooo much more day in and day out!! You have been serving all along but now you can step out and serve differently because of the changes that have taken place. Nice that you get time now to have coffee with God :)

  2. Love this analogy. Love the way you think and express yourself. xo