Monday, October 22, 2012


so there is this blog that i  LOVE.  i feel like this lady gets me-or would get me if she knew me.  like we would share coffee or wine and laugh and cry and laugh again.   in my head i have carried on conversations with her and even thought {i know this will creep you out-and it isn't my confession-that come in a minute} if i just emailed her she would realize how much we need to be kindred souls.  so instead, i just continue to watch her "status" on facebook and read every blog post.   she has marry two words into one that perfectly describe my life-our lives.  in the midst of the wave of devastation of peter's disease we can find a ripple of blessings in its wake.  yep. one powerful word to say all of that!  it is such an amazing use of 8 letters.  i am envious at her brillance.

but then...her beautiful life has taken a bit of an ugly turn this past few weeks and she has been very open about it.  i mean how else would i know, right?  and then i became obsessed with reading her every utterance and have spent pointless "me" time moments attempting to decipher the hidden message in her words.  more honestly, i was trying to figure what she had done wrong to cause her life to come all undone.

in this search, i realized she doesn't like people to use her invented words and phrases.  i was sure i misread but then went back to reread. yep, she loathes when others use her "invented" words.  well, how dare her place that little gem out there in cyberland and then say "you can look, but don't touch".  i had touched that word so much it no longer autocorrected on my phone.

okay.  so, here is the confession:  having found she doesn't like to be "copied" made me want to use the word over and over and over and over again.  and send her an email with those 8 letters strung together a gazillion times and sign it mama "8 letter word" bird!  how dare her throw that word out there and then say its all hers!  i know what you are thinking.  mama bird, you are a complete bitch. not the female dog kind but the backbiting hussy type we all know and hate.  but it is also my opinion...we {all her cyber friends} should be allowed to embrace the "ugly blessing" word and use it and all her other sweet colloquialisms all we want and she should feel SO very complimented.  darn her.  but then i realized when bitch and opinion meld together as one, it too can be a perfect marriage.  bitch+opinion=bitchpinion.  okay, so it took me 11 letters, but now i somehow feel like i won.  she can take her 8 letters and covet them, but tomorrow {in the light of day} i will shout it from the mountain tops.  will you join me?

feel free to use bitchpinion to your hearts content.  no one has ever {never ever}wanted to copy me before so i would be forever complimented.  maybe i will email her now and let her know i am a fellow wordsmith.


  1. I just LOL'd , though I am curious what her 8 letter word is. Glad to know I am not the only cyber stalker out there.

  2. i will whisper it in your ear...but forbid myself to type it ever again.

  3. DYING!! This post is HILARIOUS!! YOU are TOO FUNNY & TOO CLEVER!! Now excuse me while I go bitchpinion to the hubby!! Bitchpinion! Bitchpinion! Bitchpinion! Bitchpinion! Bitchpinion!