Thursday, September 20, 2012

here's the scoop

been kind of quiet lately.
there have been lots of tears of loss & wonder about the path ahead.
sweet peter has dementia.
we will probably not know the why of it until he passes away.
i have so wanted to write a post that said all of the medicine has healed his brain.
actually, i wanted him to write that post to prove how healthy he was.
each morning i would greet God with prayers of healing peter.
each night i would rest my head next to his, asking God to renew his mind.
i have come to the bittersweet realization God's will & mine haven't been the same.
but i want peace & continue to press on in my faith.
in my search for comfort in trying to understand His plan,
i learn i must set aside my will & embrace His.
God has a much greater plan than just me & my husband in our home in our little community.
perhaps in peter's illness & ultimately his death,
more of God's glory & love will be shown to the world by how we walk this path
as a couple & family.
one of the doctors we saw while peter was on his little getaway at the hospital
shared some godly advice with me.
he asked if there was calm in all of the medical routine i was trying to manage.
i had to admit it was extremely stressful & a touch crazy
-especially with that sweet brown eyed boy of ours.
he said God would want me to have peace
& if this routine was not creating that, perhaps it was time for a new routine.
as a family, we are embracing peace & all the things that peter loves.
ice cream-laughing as a family-watching cops-sitting on the patio watching jeremiah & the dogs-
visits with dear friends-working in our yard.
that's a routine of peace.
quarterback crunch.we purchased the entire's his fav!
stop by for a scoop when you are in the neighborhood!


  1. If it wasn't so late, I would drive myself over for
    a super size bowl! Quarterback Crunch is my fav also, along with the Minegar Family:)
    Love you~

    1. lateness is no excuse. you know the code & where the hideout key is! plus i seems to be sleeping less these days.

  2. Wish I could drive over for a scoop and to give big hugs to you and Amber.
    You are always in my prayers x

    1. caley-jade...amber and i will hug one another from you! thanks for your prayers.