about me

so i recently decided to blog after a lifetime of "dear diary-ing" in handwritten journals...some i still have and others i have thrown away, my daughter, you can meet her at mr thomas & me ,  who has blogged for a long while now encouraged me to step outside of the comfort of my paper and pens and to blog.

needless to say,
this little blog is not all the pen & paper moments i share with God.
but what i do want to share is our journey of faith & family.

meet my husband...{pjm}
here we are celebrating our oldest's wedding day.
but peter did not give a toast congratulating our daughter & new son-in-law.
he was unable to find the words to share, especially in front of a gathering of this size.
we have been on a journey of dementia...watching sweet pjm lose his abilities.

why do i share our painful & frightening path out loud for all to see?
not for sorrow-or pity-or tears
but for the joys-provisions-mercies
Our Creator continuously & graciously gives us
in the midst of a dark, disease filled season.  

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